How to Protect Your Home & Family from Burglary

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Making sure that all your windows, doors, and other entry points around your home are secure while you’re sleeping or away is certainly important when keeping you, your family, and possessions safe. However, did you know that there are important things to consider beyond physically securing your home when guarding against burglaries? Generally, thieves and burglars will first get an idea of which homes are worth their time and effort. This means casing prospective properties.

There are a variety of ways a criminal may do this to include approaching you and your home under false pretenses. This could be a person knocking on your door asking to use the restroom, phone, or even trying to sell you something in a manner that gains them entrance to your home. This is how they will get an idea of what’s in your home of value, what security weak points there may be, and perhaps even provide themselves with access later by unlocking a window. What this all means is that you and your family should remain vigilant in who’s allowed access to your home and never leave valuables like cash, jewelry, or expensive electronics in open view.

There are occasions where it is necessary to allow strangers access to your home for services like carpet cleaning, pest control, painting, or even lawn care and other legitimate services. One of the best things you can do is vet the business you’re considering before hiring them to do work in your home. Fortunately, the digital age has made this much easier, but you still need to take the time to research the business and pay particular attention to what other customers are saying about them. What’s more, any business to which you allow access of your home should have the appropriate licensing and bonding.

Even after you’re comfortable that the business you hire to work in and around your home is reputable and legitimate, it’s still a good idea to have an adult around while the work is being performed. We also recommend letting a neighbor know what’s going on and have them stop by at random. In fact, knowing your neighbors by organizing a cookout or other community activity has a wide range of security benefits for everyone.

You should also always take measures to mitigate loss if a burglar does gain access to your home. Keep your computer files backed up regularly on an external drive, and hide this hard drive in a place where valuables aren’t typically found like the kitchen pantry or laundry room. This could make the difference of hanging onto things like financial records and family pictures. If you do come home to find that a break-in has occurred, do not enter and immediately go back outside and call the authorities. There’s always a chance that the culprits could still be inside, and it simply isn’t worth the risk to your safety to find out. Additionally, don’t touch anything as the thieves may have left fingerprints or other evidence behind. To ensure that your home is as safe as possible, give us a call at Ambicorp CCTV Security to have a specialist come out and evaluate your home security and suggest the security devices that you would need.


Business Security Systems

Business Security Systems: Sleep Better With These Eyes Open

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CCTV cameras (CCTV = Closed Circuit Television) are only as good as their security camera installation teams.

Installing security cameras can be tricky. Especially business security systems, with dozens of commercial security cameras, commercial outdoor security cameras, commercial video surveillance systems – with night vision, and commercial wireless security cameras; these commercial surveillance systems can get real messy, real fast – if you’re not experienced.

Because Ambicorp is experienced (very actually, thanks for asking) with security camera installation, you can relax when you call. What you see as a problem, we see as just another (almost fun) project.

We’ve been installing commercial security camera systems for years (and years). So, if you just want to monitor goings on, give us a call; if you want to deter or record activity, just let us know; if you want inventory control, then we’ll help to map out your blind spots; if you know nothing – we’ll take of you, and – if you know your way around CCTV security cameras and security camera installation, then you’re really going to like having Ambicorp as your partner to enact your plan in the smartest way possible.

Our experience enables us to configure affordable, dependable business security systems that provide 24 hour service – working when you’re not; staying awake and watching when you’re asleep and dreaming.



reasons to buy a security camera system


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In the present world, it is almost impossible to be in a place where cameras are not used to capture events, no matter the type. In developed countries, it is a normal thing to have surveillance cameras installed with the purpose of monitoring and watching what people do. Therefore, it is almost impossible for people to do things without being recorded on a camera. Although, this has caused mixed reactions with some people seeing this as an invasion of their privacy and others see it as a way to checkmate crime.

Irrespective of these opinions, security cameras have provided several benefits to those who use them in their homes and at their place of work. They help people monitor their children, prevent vandals and burglars from tampering with their property as well as increase efficiency and effectiveness of employees at work.

We will look into 10 reasons why you should buy a security camera system.

  1. Monitor Your Children

We know that children play in various parts of the house, and at the same time is exposed to a lot of dangers. Security cameras installed in the house would help you monitor what your children do within the house and outside in case the wander off. It is very important to place a remote security camera in a strategic position which would alert any adult whenever a child is in a situation.


  1. Monitor Your Property

As a property owner, it is important for you to be able to monitor your property when you are not nearby, and you prefer doing it yourself. Having a security camera would be very useful for this kind of situation. Second homes and vacation properties can be monitored remotely with security camera and if anything goes wrong, the local authorities can be alerted on time.


  1. Prevention of Home Invasions

One major function of security cameras is that they allow homeowners identify persons who might be at their front door or on their property. A well-placed security camera in a dark corner or above the front door will help the homeowner see whoever is standing at the door and what their intentions are.


  1. Helps in increasing office productivity

A business manager needs to monitor his business property in order to prevent loss or theft. Since it is not possible for the business manager to monitor everything at the same time, security cameras can help him out of this situation. Security cameras can also help monitor employee performance, reduce theft of materials or money, make employees feel safe and reduce the cost of insurance for the business owner.


  1. Prevention of Vandals and Criminals

Despite the all the efforts made in fighting crime, criminals continue committing their crime. Well, the good news is that security cameras can help prevent such incidents. Vandals and criminals usually take a survey of the property they would rob before committing their act; the presence of security would make them think twice and never come again.


  1. Helpful Evidence

Whenever a crime is committed, regardless of the location, the footage provided by the security camera could be a useful form of evidence. After all, they say “videos don’t lie.”


  1. Digital Storage

Surveillance systems are known for their ability to record events in real time but another good feature is that they can act digital storage systems. The recorded footage can be stored digitally which can be helpful in studies and analysis for future occurrences.


  1. Conflict Resolution

At the workplace, conflicts usually come up. For business purposes, it would be important to know the cause of the conflict and how to resolve it. If there is a well-positioned security camera, the origin of the conflict can be traced, and resolving it would be easier to carry out.


  1. Reduction in Homeowners Insurance

Having a security camera system would help you get a slash in insurance, cost because most of the insurance companies offer a discount for homes with security systems.


  1. Peace of Mind

Having a security camera system gives you peace of mind because you know what goes on within your property whether you are there or not. Whatever the situation is, you have total control of it.